Lost Connection with Myob

Time to Time CreataCRM you will lost connection to Myob, and will needs to be reconnect to Myob with CreataCRM.

There is arrange of error messages. when getting when losing the token. Enc ountered a Commincation Error or Object not Set

Goto Myob Settings

  1. Click on Myob
  2. Click on Myob Settings

Disconnect to Myob

First you need to disconnect to the original connect

Click on Disconnect From Myob

Connect to Myob

Then click on Connect to Myob

Are you Sure

Click on Yes

Login to File

If you are using Single Sign on with Myob, you need to remove user name and password and make them both blank

If you dont use Single Sign on, please enter the Administrator user name and password of the Myob File

Ignore Warnings

Click on Ignore warnings

Add Myob User name and password

Choose the database

This will present the list of databases in your Myob account, please choose the right database, if you select the incorrect database, it will cause issue with the Myob File, and may need to restore to a CreataCRM restore database, and may cause a admin cost

Myob Connection Sucessful

You can close the Popup windows, and go back the first screen in CreataCRM

Click on Refresh

Click on Background Sync

This should give you Sync Complete

This wll give you a progress bar of Sync and finish with

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