How to Manual Sync MYOB to CreataCRM

This article explains how to manual "Sync MYOB" from MYOB to CreataCRM manually. There will be a workflow service that should be setup that should sync at a schedule time, The Sync willl will send data from MYOB to update link Contacts and companies in CreataCRM, This is one way. If you would like to send information from CreataCRM to MYOB, you need to push the Contact or company to MYOB Click here to send Customer to MYOB

Goto MYOB Connections

  1. Goto to the Nav Bar
  2. MYOB
  3. Myob Connection

Click on the background Sync

Click on the Background Sync for MYOB

Please note, if changing options in Global Otpions section, we suggest to not change unless you call support to get a understanding and some guidance. That is free. Some of these options is unlikely easy to go back from, like Sync Suppliers to be a Customer. And would need smart hands fix up sync you need to undo.

Auto MYOB Sync in Workflow

  1. Goto Nav Bar
  2. Admin
  3. Schedule Workflow Definition


There is a workflow def called "MYOB Sync"

check if this active

Check if MYOB sync is active, there could be an issue with the worflow, and the system has made it inactive, if tyou make it active and then its turn off after running, you will need to calll support

Click on Active button

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