Auto Sync Change for Customer for Myob

CreataCRM has the ability to automatically Sync changes from CreataCRM to Myob ever time you syncs changes to Myob, this will need to be turn on, as the default, the users manual send the changes to Myob. This article will explain how to turn this . This will overwrite link in Myob from CreataCRM, this feature could loss data in Myob with incorrectly changed in CreataCRM.

Turn on Auto Sync Changes to Contact and Companies

  1. Click on Myob Settings
  2. Goto Sync Options
  3. Tick on Auto Sync Changes to Contact and Companies in the Sync Options

Log out and back to see the Sync Item Dashboard

Sync Changes Mapping fields

Here is a list of fields we map to

Not We do Sync to Custom fields, but you need to configure the settings, look at this article to configure custom fields

Changes on a Record

For this example, we will chaneg the Email field

List of Sync Item

Icon means the item not sync

  1. Items not Sync
  2. Click on Sync Myob

Changes will change for Myob

Email has been changed

Sync Item ListView

Shows Item has been changed

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