Working with MYOB Custom Fields and CreataCRM

to segment your database in MYOB, you have a few options, this article will demostrates how to create Tags in CreataCRM from MYOB Custom Fields List

What is a Custom field List in MYOB

  1. Goto a Customer in MYOB
  2. Click on Card Details
  3. You have 6 Custom Fields

To Edit the Custom field in MYOB

  1. Goto List
  2. Custom List & Field Names
  3. Customer

Change the field Names

  1. Change Custom field as industry
  2. Change Custom field 2 as Referral

Goto CreataCRM ans Sync Database

  1. Got CreataCRM, and sync MYOB
  2. Then click on Navigation Tab
  3. Click on MYOB
  4. Click on MYOB Customer

This is the intermediate table the MYOB Customer, we hold this information for a link to either a Contact and a Company

Goto a MYOB Customer

We had changed the customer AA customer, Industry = Wholesale and Referral = Web site

Goto the Custom Field Tab to view the data

To Create Tags in creatacrm from Custom List fields

Click on this link to learn more

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