Adding a Bill Prepayment to Xero

This article describes how to push a prepayment for a Bill to Xero.

Expand Warehousing and click on Purchase Order.

Create Purchase Order

See How To Create A Purchase Order for details on creating a purchase order.

Select Add Prepayment

In the Tools menu, choose Add Prepayment.

Choose Account

A popup will ask you to select the account that will be associated with this prepayment.

Push to Xero

Once you've chosen the account, click OK in the top left to send the prepayment to Xero.

Check the Prepayments Tab

The Purchase Order has a Prepayments tab where you can see the prepayments for that order.

Check In Xero

In Xero the prepayment can be seen in the Purchases section under Awaiting Payment.

Push the Bill

Prepayments are allocated once the purchase order is pushed to Xero as a bill. For more information about creating bills from Purchase Orders, see the Add a Bill to Xero article.

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