Adding a Contact to Xero

This article will describe how to add a contact to Xero.

Create the Contact

Create the contact you want to add to Xero.

For details on how to do this, see the article about Creating Contacts.

Add to Xero

Find the Xero Contact dropdown option in the action bar, and select Create Contact in Xero.

Your contact must be linked to a Primary Company; you will receive an error if it is not.

You will also receive an error if the Primary Company's name contains a comma; you will need to remove the comma before sending the contact to Xero.

You can find a field mapping at the end of this document which describes where the data ends up in Xero.

On the Contact screen, open the Xero tab, and you should see the link to the Xero Contact has been populated.

Contact is in Xero

You can also find the contact in Xero.

Field Mapping

CreataCRM Field Xero Field Other Notes
Primary Company Name Contact Name Contact must be linked to a Primary Company
Main Address Postal Address
Mobile Mobile
Direct Phone Direct dial
Fax Fax
Office Phone Phone
Web Page Website
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Email Email

All other fields will not have their data sent to Xero.

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