Limitations when sending data to Reckon

Unicode characters and Extended ASCII characters

Limitations in the Reckon API mean that any request which contains characters outside of the base ASCII character set (from 0 to 127, which can be viewed here) will fail.

Because of this, we have made the decision to replace all characters outside the standard ASCII character set (0-127) with an empty space.

Unfortunately this includes characters like:

  • all accented characters like é, ñ
  • most currency signs ¥, £, €
    • $ is considered standard and will work OK
  • superscript numbers (eg when used for measurements like m²)
  • µ

This affects all text sent to Reckon from inside CreataCRM, including Item names, Item descriptions, Invoice Line descriptions and Customer names.

This is a limitation of the qbXML used for Reckon and QuickBooks, and we have been told by Reckon that this cannot be fixed.

Reckon Item Limitations

Restrictions on Adding an Item

Please be aware that certain fields are required when pushing an item to Reckon:

  • Income Account
  • Expense Account (only if visible in layout)
  • COGS Account (only if visible in layout)

Also, there are some fields which are visible in the New Item screen of Reckon Accounts Hosted that are not available to send data to via Reckon's API and so are not available in CreataCRM:

  • Manufacturer's Part Number
  • Unit of Measure (UoM)
  • Barcode

Restrictions on Updating an Item

Please keep in mind that certain fields that are available when initially creating the item cannot be updated via CreataCRM. Those are:

  • Income Account
  • Expense Account
  • COGS Account
  • Asset Account
  • All inventory information
  • Purchase Tax Code

Other restrictions

The Purchase Tax Code field is not queryable through the Reckon Item API Endpoint, so even though we are able to set this field when creatinga new Item from a Product Service we cannot retrieve that value.

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