Address Breaking change

In revision 7276 we added a breaking change to how addresses are handled in regards to Reckon synchronization.

This change was made as we were populating the first line of the Reckon customers address into CreataCRM's Address Line 1. This resulted in geocoding producing unexpected results as the first line in reckon was commonly the customers name. Geocoding expects line 1 to be the street address.

After updating through rev 7276 you should do the following:

  1. Backdate your last custom sync date to the date of your oldest customer and run a sync. Please note this will update all customers from reckon overwriting any changes in CreataCRM.
  1. Fix up the the Billing and Shipping address on any of the following record types that have not yet been pushed to reckon. These records will not have the customers name in the attention to field.
    2. Sales
    3. Jobs
    4. Invoices

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