What we need to get things started

To Sync to Reckon Hosted, there is 2 things we need to have before we get started.

  1. Identity Server User name and Password
  2. And the Admin password for Reckon

Getting Started

First, we need to have the Identity server User name and password, We will login into CreataCRM, and connect

  1. In the navigation,
  2. click on Reckon Settings.

Connect to Reckon Identity Server

Before connecting please make sure of the following:

  • The company file is in Multi-user mode
  • No-one is logged in to the file using the Admin user

Make sure company file path is correct, check shares are correct if any

Initial connection MUST use the Admin user of the file.

Click Connect when ready. A popup will appear, please allow the popup to be shown.

Identity Server

User ID is required (eg 1234567-1)

If it's the first connection you'll be asked for permissions, allow all and confirm


You'll see the following in a window

Creating a User called CreataCRM for CreataCRM

Back in Reckon, Log in to the file using the Admin user and put it into Single-user mode.

Create a new user

Company > Users > Set Up Users and Roles

You'll be asked to re-enter the Admin user's password.

In here, add a new user.

Name the user, provide a password and assign them the Full Access role.

Please be aware that despite what the field says, a password is required for the user that is used for the sync.

When the user is set up, click OK, then close the Users and Roles window.

Change the Credentials inside CreataCRM

Edit the Reckon Settings screen and change the File User Name field to the user selected for the integration previously.

When this is changed, click the Save button.

You'll also need to change the password used to connect - in the Tools menu choose Set Company File Password.

Enter the user's password then click OK.

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