Adding a Contact to QuickBooks

This article will describe the process of adding a new contact to QuickBooks from CreataCRM

Create the Contact

See the article on How to create a Contact for more information about this.

Please be aware that some fields have certain requirements and conditions when adding a contact to QuickBooks that are not normally required by CreataCRM:

  • The contact's Name must be unique.
  • The contact's Name must not contain a colon (:).
  • The contact's email address must contain an "@" and a ".", if you provide one
  • The contact's Web Page must begin with either "http://" or "https://", if you provide one

Add them to QuickBooks

In the Tools menu, click the Create QuickBooks Contact button.

Contact in QuickBooks

You can now go into QuickBooks and find the Contact that you just added.

Contact linked in CreataCRM

The contact will also be linked to a QuickBooks Customer in CreataCRM. you can click through for a read-only version of all of the data that is in QuickBooks for that customer.

Field Mapping for Contact Sync

The table below describes the data that is synced from CreataCRM to QuickBooks.

CreataCRM Field QuickBooks Field Additional Notes
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Middle Name Middle Name
Primary Company Name Company If the contact is linked to a Primary Company
Fax Fax
Direct Phone Other
Office Phone Phone
Mobile Mobile
Email Email
Title Title
Web Page Website
Main Address Billing Address If the contact has an address

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