Send Purchase Orders to MYOB

Purchase Orders can be sent to MYOB and Converted to an Open Bill.

Open Purchase Order

Open the Purchase Order you wish to send to MYOB

Send to MYOB

Select the "Send to MYOB" Acton(1) from the Tools menu.

MYOB Purchase Order Created

The Purchase Order Will now be in MYOB. to see the Purchase Order number in MYOB Open the MYOB tab and look for the value in the MYOB Purchase Order Field(1).

Purchase Order in Myob

Below you can see the above Purchase Order in MYOB Purchases Register.

Convert to Bill

In order to convert a Purchase Order to a Bill in MYOB all items need to be received in CreataCRM.

Once all Items have been marked as received Click the "Convert MYOB Purchase Order To Bill" Action(1) from the Tools menu.

Open Bill in Myob

The previous Purchase Order is now Listed as an Open Bill in the MYOB Purchases Register.

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